CSCA Informant

Colorado Chess Informant

Here are some instructional, archived chess articles written by NM Todd Bardwick that were published in the Colorado State Chess Association Informant:

Tournament Tips – October 1994

A Long Day’s Journey Into Knight (& A Long Knight’s Journey Into Day) – January 1996

1998 U.S. Championships – January 1999

Positional Analysis And Efficient Study – April 1999

Denver Broncos and Chess – July 1999

Securing d5 – July 2002

Observations about Chess Rating Distribution and Progression – April 2003

Oscars for Chess on the Big Screen – April 2004

All -Star Closer Brad Lidge Plays Chess – April 2006

Knights of the South Bronx review – July 2006

Monroi and Technology Trip Through Time – January 2007

Dry Bly Rules the Chessboard at Dove Valley – January 2008

Rook and Knight vs. Rook Endgame – January 2009

Bobby Fischer’s Visits to Colorado – August 2018