1998 U.S. Championships

1998 United States Championships in Denver

From November 1 – 19, 1998, Denver hosted the 1998 U.S. Championships at the Double Tree hotel on Quebec Street, across from the old Stapleton Airport. Denver beat out New York City and Hawaii to host the event. The 1998 U.S. Senior Championship was held at the same time.

To see the article I wrote for the January 1999 Colorado Chess Informant, click here.

My editor at the Rocky Mountain News saved me part of the back page of the paper every day during the tournament to write about the event. I was a like a real reporter, emailing in my column each night with a 10:00 p.m. deadline – quite a change from my monthly Chess Column in the paper. Below are some of those columns and pictures of some of the players in the tournament.

Carol Jarecki letter to Rocky Mountain News

Chess tourney draws crowd to first round – November 1, 1998

De Firmian, Krush take lead in chess tourney – November 3, 1998

De Firmian takes lead at chess championships – November 4, 1998

Four grandmasters begin semis – November 10, 1998

2 games in semifinals end in tie – November 11, 1998

De Firmian faces Benjamin in final match of chess tourney – November 14, 1998

De Firmian, Benjamin face off today for 1998 U.S. chess title – November 15, 1998

De Firmian wins first round of championship finals – November 16, 1998

De Firmian holds chess lead – November 17, 1998

De Firmian retains lead at chess championships – November 18, 1998

De Firmian is U.S. chess champ – November 19, 1998

Denver plays host game well – December 9, 1998