Denver Online Chess Classes

Demo Board

Todd has a number of chess classes/camps available that students can join via Zoom.


Besides Denver students, with the online format, out of state players now have the opportunity to learn from one of the countries most experienced and sought after chess teachers!

Contact Todd at 303-770-6696 (land line) or for class details and times.


Todd is a Chess Master with a unique educational background as a Civil and Aerospace Engineer which afford his students an additional educational advantage in school and life as he incorporates STEM principals into his chess teaching. 

There are only a handful of chess masters in the nation with more teaching experience.

Todd has taught over 15,000 chess classes and his students love and relate to the chess stories and analogies he uses. He has over 25 years experience creating and refining a chess teaching curriculum that is second to none that has produced many state and national champions. His chess curriculum is taught all over the world.