Denver Rocky Mountain Chess Camp

Call Todd with any questions at 303-770-6696 (land line).


28th Annual Denver Rocky Mountain Chess Camps 


June 6-10, 2022  Denver, Colorado     5 days; morning, afternoon, and full-day option (most kids do full-day)


July 5-7, 2022   Denver, Colorado    3 days, full-day


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General Information

All ability levels – Open to boys and girls  ages 6-18

Participants will be divided into similar ability groups (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and age groups for sessions focusing on all aspects of the game including scorekeeping and chess etiquette. Students will compete in mini tournaments for trophies and as well as play in a simultaneous exhibition against an instructor.

Camp instructors are excellent chess teachers and strong USCF rated players. Great care is taken to place students into correct age and ability groupings before the camp begins in order to custom design the camp curriculum to maximize the chess learning experience for all students.

All participants will receive a copy of Teaching Chess in the 21st Century, Chess Workbook for Children, Chess Handbook, Chess Strategy Workbook, Chess Tactics and Combinations Workbook, Attacking the Chess King Workbook, Chess Endgame Workbook, or Chess Concepts and Coloring Book for Kids, certificate, and other participation and merit awards.

Participants should bring their own lunch, snacks, beverages, and clock (for rated group only). Food will not be provided. Lunch break is 12-1 each day.

Both camps will run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Please pick up your children at 4:00 p.m.

For camp application, questions about the camps, or to be included on the mailing list, call Todd Bardwick at (303) 770-6696 (wk)

Camp History

Founded in 1995, the Rocky Mountain Chess Camp is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most successful children’s chess camps in the country. National Chess Master Todd Bardwick, nationally recognized and full-time chess instructor from Denver, organizes and runs the camp.

Drawing from his extensive chess teaching experience, Todd spends hours preparing with great care the specific curriculum for each group in the camp and then spends time individually with each instructor, going over with them hour by hour, what they will be teaching and what their responsibilities are. The instructors are top notch chess teachers and players (many are school teachers by trade) from the Denver area, with same commitment to giving their very best to the student’s throughout the entire camp. In the 2019 Rocky Mountain Chess Camps, the camp staff had a combined total of 229 years of chess tournament experience to impart to the students!

The instructors rotate from group to group to hold the student’s interest so that the children get the maximum chess experience as they get to experience different personalities and approaches to the game.

The Chess Academy of Denver offers classes throughout the year to provide excellent follow-up to the children’s chess and educational learning needs.

Every year at the end of the camp, many impressed parents mention that the Rocky Mountain Chess Camp was the most organized camp of any kind that their children have ever attended. Young chess players from all over the country have attend the camps.

Great care is taken to place students into correct age and ability groupings before the camp begins in order to custom design the camp curriculum to maximize the chess learning experience for all students. A high percentage of campers return year after year to Rocky Mountain Chess Camps because of overall fun and educational learning experience it offers.

Most importantly, the Rocky Mountain Chess Camps has one of the best Student to Staff ratios (8-1 or better) of any chess camp in the nation – meeting the individual needs of the students to the maximum degree.



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