Chess Workbook for Children

A workbook and instruction book for beginners

A fun, comprehensive workbook and instruction book for children (and adults!) who are new to chess or who are in the beginning stages of learning to play the royal game. Ten basic chess lessons and chess rules are presented in detail. Learn to play chess with the Chess Detective® !

Chess Workbook for Children can be used in conjunction with the book, Teaching Chess in the 21st Century, a teaching guide for teachers or parents, complete with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

It includes

  • chess rules and basic strategies
  • 200 problems with comprehensive answer key at two skill levels: Basset Hound (beginner) and Chess Detective (Intermediate)
  • tried and true tested analogies that children will relate to so that they will learn chess in an effective and fun way
  • chess crossword puzzles and word searches
  • chess quotes from famous people
  • fun and entertaining illustrations

English versions are sold in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Japan.


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“Excellent workbook at a young beginner level”

– Dan Heisman, nationally recognized chess teacher and author

Excerpts of Review by Rick Kennedy on

“…The chess diagrams are large and easy for youngsters to deal with – 2 ½ in boards with notation along the sides – and no more than four of them are put on a page in the puzzle sections. Throughout the Workbook there is good use of font size, bolding, and white space.

…It is clear throughout his workbook, in the material he presents and in the way that he presents it, that Bardwick is familiar with the younger player.

For that matter, he is also familiar with the classroom, and Chess Workbook for Children is a good resource for the teacher who wants to include some chess instruction along with the regular curriculum. In that case, educators might do well to take a look at the author’s earlier, companion book, Teaching Chess in the 21st Century – Strategies and Connections to a Standards-Based World.

…Sure, there are a lot of books out there on “how to play chess” – some, seemingly, older than Viktor Korchnoi. But, for something hot off the presses, brand new and teacher- and classroom- aware, well, let’s face it: this looks like a job for The Chess Detective!”