Teaching Chess in the 21st Century

Incorporate Chess into your Math curriculum with the Chess Detective ® !

Teaching Chess in the 21st Century

A beginner chess book targeted to elementary school teachers who wish to incorporate chess into their math curriculum and chess club sponsors needing basic chess lessons to teach their club. Parents wishing to teach chess to their young children will benefit from the chess analogies that their children will relate to. Ten basic chess lessons and chess rules are presented in detail.

It includes

  • math lessons learned through chess incorporating National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards
  • exemplars and rubrics for testing student’s knowledge and understanding for each lesson
  • teacher tips to help students as they learn to play chess and how to handle situations that frequently occur as the children play
  • tried and true tested analogies that children will relate to so that they will learn chess in an effective and fun way
  • chess quotes from famous people
  • fun and entertaining illustrations

Can be used in conjunction with Chess Workbook for Children Chess Workbook for Children


English versions are sold in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Japan.


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Excerpts of Review by Bruce Pandolfini on ChessCafe.com

(Pandolfini is the nation’s leading chess instructor and was portrayed by Ben Kingsley in the movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer)

“…This is an excellent book for helping teachers who know little about chess introduce and teach the game in primary and elementary classrooms. Although Teaching Chess in the 21st Century is written especially for educators unfamiliar with advanced chess principles, its suggestions and tips can benefit veteran and skilled chess people, as well as administrators, parents and even students who want to understand more about why chess has become an esteemed adjunct to curricula around the world.

…It’s evident that Mr. Bardwick appreciates the merit of presenting his material in a clearly delineated format. Teachers can thereby utilize concepts with greater facility and reliability, and students can pace themselves better by knowing what to expect. The means by which he instills this reliable feeling is by breaking down the presentation under several recurring headings.

…While the book is not a technical disquisition on the science of teaching chess, with incontrovertible hardcore evidence to back up its claims, it does indeed gather together all kinds of worthwhile thoughts and offers them in a palatable layout from which virtually anyone could tap and profit. Furthermore, the author is obviously someone who has seen the handwriting on the wall: for quite some time he’s realized the virtues of chess as a kick in the pants to stimulating learning.

Bardwick is clearly a personable spokesperson for chess and its partnership with general education. He is not the first person to perceive the value of chess to the development of a sound mind, but he is certainly an established and deserving card-carrying member of that wonderful group. His Teaching Chess in the 21st Century admirably captures many of the fundamentals for teaching chess in schools and related environments. It also encourages more of us to get moving in the same direction. I give it high marks, and for those charged with inspiring the young to play chess, I think it a natural addition to their library”.

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Below is Todd’s Internet Chess Club interview with Fred Wilson